Technical data
Type Hurricane Mk.IIC
Function Fighter, fighter-bomber
Year 1941
Crew 1
Engine Rolls-Royce Merlin XX
Power 1,280hp at take-off
Length 9.82m
Height 3.99m
Wingspan 12.19m
Wing area 23.93m2
Empty weight 2,631kg
Loaded weight 3,311kg
Maximum weight 3,538kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) 147.8
Power load (kg/hp) 2.76
Speed at 0m ?km/h
Speed at 5,486m 529km/h
Landing speed ?km/h
Landing roll ?m
Takeoff roll ?m
Turn time ?sec
Normal range 740km
Maximum range
(external fuel)
Flight Endurance ?h
Ceiling 10,851m
6,096m 9.1min
Fuel ?kg
Guns 4*g 20mm British Hispano Mk.I
Bombs 2*113 or 227kg
Rockets Originally none

Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIC

(47k b/w photo from Profile Publications No.24 "Hawker Hurricane IIC") Early Hurricane Mk.IIC (albeit in British markings).

The Battle of Britain in summer of 1940 had clearly demonstrated that small-caliber machine-guns lacked penetrating power and were no longer a really effective armament for a fighter, even when installed in high numbers. This had been already foreseen however and first attempts to arm the Hurricane with 20mm cannon took place in 1939. At first a number of problems occurred, especially with the ammunition feed mechanism. But by 1941 these problems had been finally solved and the Hurricane Mk.IIC with four wing-mounted 20mm British Hispano Mk.I cannon (licence-built version of the French Hispano-Suiza cannon) was introduced into service. For its time this was an exceptionally heavy armament for a single-engined fighter. Except the armament the Hurricane IIC was similar to its predecessors Mk.IIA and Mk.IIB. With a total of 4,711 machines the Mk.IIC was numerically the most important of all Hurricane variants and served on every theater of war.

Many Hurricane IICs also found their way to the Soviet Union (the first few examples already came with No. 151 Wing), where their high firepower was very welcome and often used against tanks and other ground targets.

(14k col-our drawing from Profile Publications No.24 "Hawker Hurricane IIC") Hurricane Mk.IIC of 72 IAP at Vaenga in 1942.

Simple but appealing 27k color drawing of a Hurricane Mk.IIC in Russian markings from an old German paperback ("Flugzeuge des 2. Weltkrieges"), also used for the background of this page.


Mk.IIA, Mk.IIB, Mk.X

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