Technical data
Type Ka-8
Function Observation, liaison
Year 1947
Crew 1
Engines 1*44.5hp M-76
Rotor diameter 5.6m
Length ?
Width (with rotors) ?
Empty weight 183kg
Loaded weight 275kg
Rotor (disk) load 11.0
Power load (kg/hp) 6.12
Maximum Speed 80km/h
Static Ceiling 50m
Dynamic Ceiling 250m
Range -

Ka-8, N.I.Kamov

The Ka-8 in flight. 16k b/w photo from the "History of aircraft construction in the USSR" Vol.2, p.442

The Ka-8 was a single-seat helicopter with a 27hp M-76 motorcycle engine, boosted to 45hp by using alcohol for fuel. Extremely simple design, just a platform with two inflatable pontoons as a landing gear.

Rotor blades are reinforced wood. Flight control - by rotors only.

Three built, many successful research, training and demonstration flights performed, including Aviation Parade in Summer 1948, Tushino.

Precursor of the Ka-10.

Sources [6], Vol.2 p.442;

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