Technical data
Year 1936
Function reconnaissater, light bomber
Crew 2
Engine M-85 800hp
Wing Span 12.0m
Wing Area 24.15m2
Length 10.0m
Empty Weight 1,940kg
Maximum Weight 2,730kg
Ground level Speed 366km/h
High altitude Speed 447km/h
Climb to 5,000m 8.7min
Range 840km
Ceiling 9000m
Guns 2g20mm
Bombs 400kg

R-9, S.A.Kocherigin

Drawing (20k) of R-9 from 'Modelist-Konstructor' magazine;

Development of already tested in 1935 TsKB-27/SR. Unreliable retraction mechanism of the last one and rush to come up with new design killed the progressive project - R-9 had fixed landing gear, providing huge drag. Flight stability also suffered.

Pre-series batch production started, but was aborted in a short time. R-9 lost a contest with Neman's R-10.

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