Technical data
Type Yak-28U
Function Trainer
Year 1962
Crew 2?
Engines 2*5750kg R-11AF-300
Length 20.2m
Wingspan -
Wing area -
Empty weight -
Loaded weight 14565kg
Wing Load (kg/m2) -
Power load (kg/hp) -
Maximum Speed 1807km/h
Takeoff Roll 620m
Transfer Range2270km
Ceiling 15600m
Guns 1*g23mm

Yak-28U, A.S.Yakovlev (Maestro)

Trainer of the Yak-28 family. Has two separated pilot's cockpits.

References :
  • Aviatsia i Kosmonavtika (Aviation and Kosmonautics) magazine, 3/4 1992
  • "Russian aircraft since 1940" by Jean Alexander, p.477-482;

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